Thursday, October 13, 2011

A pretty bun for thin hair

I have thin hair.  Definitely my least favorite feature, but I have learned to embrace it (and hope for long, lush extensions one day).  :o)

When I saw this tutorial explaining how to create the look of a full bun using a sock,  needless to say, I was pretty pumped.  My hair isn't quite long enough to try it yet, but you better believe that I will be rocking this look come Christmas time.

Hope this helps some of my thin haired friends.  Anyone else have any fun hair secrets?

(Image via Say Yes To Hoboken)


  1. Oh Heidi don't grow your hair out it looks so cute how you have it now.

  2. Thin hair can be a real challenge when it comes to buns. They used to sell mesh rolls in different hair colors for this purpose. This is a great substitute! On the bright side, french twists are easier with thinner hair:-}