Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New items

The Pretty Poppy has had a couple special requests lately.  We love special requests because it affords the fun opportunity to make something new and different.

First, this little baby bracelet.  It was made to commemorate a baptism, but the charm can be switched out and changed to reflect any occasion.  Very cute.

Next, this special necklace was ordered as a keepsake for a set of parents who lost their sweet baby boy.  I felt so honored to created something so special for them.  I am in contact with the family to see if there is a special organization for "angel babies" they are involved with.  I would love to donate a portion of the proceeds from this necklace in his name.  We will see what we can come up with!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love Target (and their coupons)

Check out the little goodies I found in the dollar spot section of Target.  They were actually $2.50 each, but I was still pretty excited.  I had literally the day before thought that I really wanted to find some more pumpkins for our Halloween/Fall display this year.  Thank you Target for answering my wishes!

I also wanted to talk a tiny bit about Targets coupons too -- I only recently became familiar, and I want share the love!  First off -- I am new to couponing, and I am not a coupon fanatic.  I only get one newspaper and I only buy stuff I need or would use.  I use to help me organize the store ads - this is one of those sites that matches up sale ads with the coupons so that you get the best deal.  The cardinal rule of couponing is to only buy something if it's on sale too!  ;o)  It's worked well for me so far.  It's not only saved me money on the basics that I purchase, but it's also changed the way I think and shop.  I am more aware of what I buy and the prices I pay for things.

Once I started couponing, I became aware of Target coupons (thanks, Kelly!)  Target has coupons that you can print an unlimited number of times from their website!  They have good stuff on there too.  Money off clothes, and housewares and all sorts of stuff.  These coupons can be paired with a manufacturer coupon and used in a single transaction.  I had NO IDEA you could do this, and have gotten some really great deals doing this. You can also use the FREE site,  She matches up the Target ads with coupons.  It's helpful!

Today for instance I printed a coupon they have RIGHT NOW for $5.00 of a $5.99 or more Transformer toy.  I found one for $8, which means I basically got either a stocking stuffer or a birthday party gift for $3.  I was pretty pumped.

Anyway, just wanted to share this since it's something I didn't know anything about a couple months ago.  I will say, couponing is a tiny bit addicting once you start!

Anyone else part of the coupon commotion?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a reminder...

...that we have blessings all around us!  Life is good!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tangled Birthday Party

My little baby turned three a couple weeks ago.  And, like many little girls her age, she requested a Tangled birthday party.  I love the movie, so I was more than happy to oblige!  There are so many great ideas for this birthday found online.  I used many of them and am happy to share my sources!

 We started by hanging hair our of our own tower.  You can't tell from this picture, but our house has a rotunda style entry that looks like a tower.  Of course Rapunzel would let down her hair for all of our guests!  This was LONG hair.  It took about two skeins of yarn to make.  Loved it.  

The decor continued inside with about 2 dozen pink and lavender balloons displayed about the room.  The balloons represented the floating lanterns.  Had I thought of it earlier, I could have made the balloons into lanterns, but for 3 year olds, this worked great!  I made pink cupcakes with green frosting, and applied paper scrap booking flowers to the top.  Simple!

You can see in the picture that there is a banner hanging.  I couldn't get a great picture of the garland, but it essentially looks like the one in the town square.  I cut little purple triangles, and applied a golden sun using this template.

The table was set with Rapunzel coloring pages, from here.  The perfect thing for little girls to do as they arrived.

 The party food was based on the movie as well.  Of course we served Hazelnut soup, which I loved (maybe not the little girls so much), bread with cheese or jam, fruit, and blue jello with boats.  (I borrowed the jello idea but can't remember where I saw it to give credit!)  I think the kids liked the jello part!
I gave each girl a canvas and a set of paints for their favor and to use as part of the activity.  I think the girls really did enjoy painting, and I loved that they could take the canvas home and hang it up in their room.  I love kids art in the house!  I of course didn't get a picture, but I labeled each set of paints with the phrase, "Rapunzel's Paints".

The most exciting part of the day was the pretty hair and makeup.  I asked my two darling friends, Tricia and Lynsee, to style each girls hair in a princess "do".  They are both phenomenal hair dressers so I knew they would be up to the task.  All the girls looked amazing!  I made flowers (I glued the same flowers I used for the cupcakes onto bobby pins) for their hair so they could look like Rapunzel.

As the girls got ready to go, each took a balloon "lantern" to release.  I told them all to make a wish too, but I think they all just got excited to let go of their balloons and forgot.
I had a fun time and I hope all the little girls did too! 
This was the best picture I got when I asked all the little ladies to smile at me.  Hilarious.