Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall inspiration

Each year I get really excited to decorate the house for the holidays.  I think it stems from my mom always decorating when I was young.  Good memories.  I love Fall, and luckily, the weather here has been getting cooler this week too.  I am actually wearing long sleeves and jeans and not melting.  It's a miracle!  Here are some of the decorations I have out right now. 

Burlap wreath I made. So easy and inexpensive. I used the tutorial found at Jones Design IE will not load up the tutorial so I can link to it for some reason. I will try again later. I did not use any hot glue -- just straight pins. Can't mess around with stuff that can melt in Arizona!

Pumpkins and my new little green star on the tv armoire.  The wooden blocks say Happy Halloween.  Possibly everything is from Target.

Card stock bats that we hung outside.  The kids love them.  Unfortunately it rained on them and many have fallen down.  They are also all crumply.  Oh well!  Maybe they look spookier.  Better believe I am not taking them down after how long it took to cut them out. 

A fun new fall wreath on the wall.  And my Blue Lily photos -- soon to be retaken in November!  Yay!

This little sis got her flu shots today.   Actually, her nasal mist (which we referred to as fairy dust to boost appeal.)  It must be Fall!


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