Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drink Machine for the 21st Century

This weekend while on vacation, we decided to enjoy lunch at one of our favorite little restaurants.  It's a cute little place in a small little town -- definitely nothing fancy.  But inside we discovered the most high tech, fancy drink machine I had ever seen.  Meet the Coca Cola Freestyle


This drink machine changes everything!  It's touch screen, steamlined, easy to use and offers 100+ drink choices!  You start by selecting the type of drink you want (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc.).  You are then directed to a screen where you can further refine your choice.  For instance, if you choose Caffeine Free Diet Coke (my choice -- I get nasty headaches from the caffeine so I love it when I can get it decaffeinated!), you can then decide if you want cherry, vanilla, orange, raspberry, lime, cherry vanilla or lemon!  Touch the selection, and voila!  Your drink will fill.  You can choose from Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Caffeine Free Coke, Fanta, Fanta Zero, Dasani, Powerade, Powerade Zero, Mr. Pibb, Pibb Zero, Barqs Rootbeer, Diet Barqs, Hi-C, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Minute Maid, Minute Maid Light, Dasani Sensations, Vault and Segrams.

PLUS, you get the multiple choices of flavorings after!

I am clearly amazed!  It was FUN to get my drink, and I loved that I could get exactly what I wanted.  I am excited and hopeful to see these pop up in more locations.  Yay for great technology!

Have any of you seen one of these?

Monday, July 4, 2011


So super excited! The one and only Becky Higgins is doing a massive, huge giveaway on her blog this week!  By huge, I'm talking -- 50 different companies are giving something away.  And, we are one of the lucky companies that are going to get to participate!  Our giveaway is scheduled for tomorrow (7/5).  Jump on over and enter...and enter to win a few more goodies too!  Check out the details on Becky's blog.  So fun!

Happy fourth of July!  We are enjoying cooler weather and lots and lots of time with family.  It couldn't be better.