Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Giveaways!

We have a bunch of seriously talented friends who consistently inspire and motivate us. Tricia, one of the first friends I made when moving to this area, is an amazing artist. This girl can draw. Her portraits capture emotion in a way I really can't describe. She has drawn amazing pictures of all three of my children. Seriously incredible. Lucky for all of you, she is hosting a giveaway right now! One of her custom portraits is up for grabs. What a treasure! Head on over to the Baby Night Night blog to enter!(A portrait Tricia drew of my daughter. Amazing, right?)

Secondly, I am sure many of you have heard about Shannon over at Shannon Makes Stuff. Yes, this is the same Shannon who won So You Think You're Crafty. I am convinced she can make pretty much anything you can dream up. Not only that, she is also extremely thoughtful and kind. Currently, Shannon is giving away a box full of fun crafting stuff to the winner of her current contest. Head over to Shannon Makes Stuff to enter. Seriously, a box filled with the stuff a crafters dreams are made of is waiting for you!

Don't forget, you have a few days to enter our current giveaway too! So many fun things to win!


  1. thanks for the shout out!!! I love you! so excited to begin this journey. Really Heidi, you have opened a new door...and honestly my testimony of talents has really grown again. Thanks for pushing me toward this...I needed it.

  2. I love, love, love, love my little girl's portrait that Tricia made. She's truly amazing.