Monday, October 4, 2010

Rainy Days!

Whoever made up that poem "Rain, Rain go away" must have lived in the Northwest region of the United States. All I know is they, most definitely, did not live in Arizona. I believe those living in Arizona are some of the few that truly appreciate rainy days.

Today is one of those days for me. The heat here has been almost unbearable. I purposefully left the entire summer so I could avoid this heat. It looks like it really wanted to say hello to me because it has stayed put. That is, until today! Yay, we have seen the clouds and they actually produced some moisture along with some cooler temps.

When I saw that it was only going to be in the 90's today I immediately scheduled a park day because, quite frankly, I'm tired of my house! I love this weather. The only time I have wished the rain would cease was when my back yard almost flooded into my home. The picture above was of that day and although it was a miserable day for me, this scene surely brightened up my day. Today is a great day and has surely brightened up my week. Is it possible for rain to brighten up a day. Yep! I can't wait for winter!


  1. I am a fellow Arizonian (is that a word?) and I too LOVED the rain today! We had a rainbow sprout up in the west valley as well, it was beautiful and quite welcomed! The only thing that was missing today were my rain boots, wish I would have had them! I saw the temperature and figured there wasn't a need. That and an umbrella! Wouldn't you know, one was in my car and the other in my classroom - so it was a nice wet walk from our meeting in the library out to my car in the pouring rain!!! Still, the rain & thunder definitely made the day better!

  2. We had a ton of rain here in St. George, Utah too. It was wonderful, except for the flood in my unfinished backyard. There are massive pools of water throughout our backyard. I'm right there with you, I'm excited for the fall and winter.

  3. I have pictures too I am posting today of our rainy day yesturday. I got pics of the same rainbow!!!