Friday, October 1, 2010


Tonight I signed up for E-Mealz and I am PUMPED! I've heard a bunch of glowing reviews of this service, and was excited to actually sit down this evening and really research their website. It wasn't hard to sell me. Basically, you choose a plan, sign up (so inexpensive -- only $15 for a dinner menu every day for three months!), and from there receive a set of pre-planned meals complete with preparation instructions and a shopping list. I can't tell you how many problems this solves for me. Making a weekly meal plan and shopping list has been so hard for me. I seem to always get stuck in a rut. I am so excited to try this out.

I selected the Low Fat Any Store Plan (there are plans based on diet, as well as on the stores you like to shop at.) In three months I think I will switch over to the Low Carb Plan, and after that, to the Vegetarian Plan. I am really excited about all the new recipes I will get to try.

If you head on over to the super fun, super darling blog by Becky Higgins, you can receive an awesome discount on your E-Mealz subscription (ends October 15th.) This discount is what finally motivated me to sign up.

I'll let you know how I like it! (I was absolutely not paid to write this review -- I really am this excited about it!) Have any of you tried E-Mealz or a service like them?

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