Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Dreaming

When I'm daydreaming, which happens quite often, it's mostly about my future home. That not only includes the home itself, but also the location, surrounding area, acreage, etc, etc. I still haven't figured out where the "perfect" place will be, so if you have any suggestions please share! I do have my heart set on one thing though! I must, must have an apron front sink! May I repeat...I MUST have an apron front sink! I don't have a preference on the color except for one. Stainless. I really am not a huge fan of stainless steel sinks. Call me old-fashioned. I just love porcelain sinks. While browsing this morning, I stumbled upon this beauty and, must admit, I'd be mighty happy with this!

Thank you Southern living for sharing such a beautiful article.

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  1. Lynsee- are you going to put up a blog button? I would LOVE to add it to my site! Thanks!