Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Before and After

Yesterday, I discovered HOME GOODS. How have I never been to this wonderful little mecca before? I could have spent hours browsing the shelves filled with decorating goodness for hours. Just as I was about to leave I decided to check out the lamp section. I have been on a hunt for lamps and haven't been able to find anything within the budget. Lamps can be so expensive! I saw many beautiful finds, then I stumbled upon this little treasure:

Clearance. Originally priced at $120, it was on sale for $22! I didn't like the lamp shade, but knew that could be fixed. I snatched it up and told anyone that would listen about my good deal. Once home, I grabbed up some fabric from my stash and spent about 30 minutes with a hot glue gun. Behold, the transformation:

Hooray for good deals!


  1. Wow! I would spend $120 on that lamp!! Nice transformation!!

  2. It looks great! I've never heard of that store either... What do you know!!!