Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New items

The Pretty Poppy has had a couple special requests lately.  We love special requests because it affords the fun opportunity to make something new and different.

First, this little baby bracelet.  It was made to commemorate a baptism, but the charm can be switched out and changed to reflect any occasion.  Very cute.

Next, this special necklace was ordered as a keepsake for a set of parents who lost their sweet baby boy.  I felt so honored to created something so special for them.  I am in contact with the family to see if there is a special organization for "angel babies" they are involved with.  I would love to donate a portion of the proceeds from this necklace in his name.  We will see what we can come up with!


  1. how much is that necklace?? my cousin's just lost their 5 day old baby boy, and i'd love to get them something like this!

  2. How sweet are both of these? What a nice way to remember an important date and an angel baby as you said. Melts my heart! These are so cute! Great job!