Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love Target (and their coupons)

Check out the little goodies I found in the dollar spot section of Target.  They were actually $2.50 each, but I was still pretty excited.  I had literally the day before thought that I really wanted to find some more pumpkins for our Halloween/Fall display this year.  Thank you Target for answering my wishes!

I also wanted to talk a tiny bit about Targets coupons too -- I only recently became familiar, and I want share the love!  First off -- I am new to couponing, and I am not a coupon fanatic.  I only get one newspaper and I only buy stuff I need or would use.  I use couponsense.com to help me organize the store ads - this is one of those sites that matches up sale ads with the coupons so that you get the best deal.  The cardinal rule of couponing is to only buy something if it's on sale too!  ;o)  It's worked well for me so far.  It's not only saved me money on the basics that I purchase, but it's also changed the way I think and shop.  I am more aware of what I buy and the prices I pay for things.

Once I started couponing, I became aware of Target coupons (thanks, Kelly!)  Target has coupons that you can print an unlimited number of times from their website!  They have good stuff on there too.  Money off clothes, and housewares and all sorts of stuff.  These coupons can be paired with a manufacturer coupon and used in a single transaction.  I had NO IDEA you could do this, and have gotten some really great deals doing this. You can also use the FREE site, http://thekrazycouponlady.com/.  She matches up the Target ads with coupons.  It's helpful!

Today for instance I printed a coupon they have RIGHT NOW for $5.00 of a $5.99 or more Transformer toy.  I found one for $8, which means I basically got either a stocking stuffer or a birthday party gift for $3.  I was pretty pumped.

Anyway, just wanted to share this since it's something I didn't know anything about a couple months ago.  I will say, couponing is a tiny bit addicting once you start!

Anyone else part of the coupon commotion?


  1. Good deals! I actually passed up those pumpkins the other day, trying to be good about spending money. Danny was with me and pointed them out, thinking I had missed them because there were none in our cart!

    You've got me doing better with the couponing thing! My last trip I combined Target coupons with manufacturers coupons for the first time in months. You would have been proud. ;)

  2. I had no idea Target had coupons, thanks!

    And in case I haven't told you, my web address has changed from (dot)net to www.myfourboys.com. Long story. *sigh*