Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank you!

I just wanted to give a sincere "thank you!" to all of our wonderful teachers.  Teacher Appreciation week was last week here in our neck of the desert and it's always so hard for me to truly show my appreciation to these wonderful teachers who have become a part of my children's lives. 

This year, both of my children were blessed with great teachers that really took the time to get to know both of them.  One teacher, in particular, has really made a difference in my life and my little boy's life.  Kindergarten is such an important year and she really understands this.  As I was discussing schooling with her she made this comment that has really made an impact on me..."In the beginning years of school, children aren't really going to remember the exact lessons they learned in school, but they're always going to remember the feeling they had."  I cannot express the love I have for this special lady!

A few weeks had passed since this conversation and she sent me an e-mail that really touched me.  My children are EXTREMELY shy in school.  At home, it's a different story, but here is the sweet e-mail I received from her:

I was thinking of sweet Hayden when I read this.

Listen to the "beautiful music."

It's spring in Sugar Land, Texas, and when I go outside, I hear the sounds of birds chirping and singing. I love that beautiful sound. It's a sound filled with the hope of spring time. In order to hear the birds, I have to stop what I'm doing and listen for them. It made me think about children. There are some children that you can easily hear and see. They demand your attention. There are others who are quieter, and you have to "tune in" to get to know these children. They too may have beautiful music inside of them. Today, as you go through your day, pay special attention to those other children, and see if you can hear the beautiful music of their own unique personalities.
Have a wonderful day. You are a difference maker."

Isn't she such a sweet lady.  I truly love Mrs. Austin and will definitely miss her next year!  Teachers really do make a difference and are such an important part of all of our lives.  Please, leave a comment and show your appreciation for our great teachers! 

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