Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Beautiful Bride

Last week I traveled to Utah to attend the wedding of one of my very dear friends.  Heather and I have known each other since age 9.  She was one of the very first friends I made upon moving to Salt Lake City.  Her style, even at that young age, was always impeccable.  She has basically always been "Anthropologie" even before that store existed.  Anyway, I was so excited to see her dress.  I knew it would be unique and completely amazing.  It did not disappoint!  Behold, the beautiful bride!

The dress was made from doilies once belonging to her grandmothers.  The poor quality of the picture does not do it justice.  I want one just like it for me!!!

Happy wedding, Heather!


  1. ooooh it looks like the dress I fell in love with from a wedding blog a few months ago! It's gorgeous!!!! I love the idea of using materials that are significant to you to make your wedding dress. Beautifully executed. Here's a link to the one it reminded me of below:


  2. Sarah -- she said she used something as inspiration -- I'm sure it was that! So pretty!

  3. What a lovely heirloom that dress will always be!