Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Only me

I just wanted to give a little update on the whole "dog" thing.  It's not great news, but some think it is pretty funny.  So, I took all of your advice and talked my husband into leaving Saturday morning at 10 to go get Molly, the Golden Doodle.  I quickly called a few friends to help with my 2 boys because they didn't want to make a road trip.  One had a football game and the other was just smart.  By 10 everything was planned and my husband, my 3 year old daughter and me hit the road.

After six hours of driving, ugly, awful driving, we made it to the Lancaster pound.  Let me just say, if you live in Lancaster, I'm sorry.  Maybe there are good parts of Lancaster, but it definitely wasn't the part we were in.  When we told my neighbor, who is from CA that we were making a trip to Lancaster, he gave us a weird look and then said it was considered the "armpit" of CA.  As we drove off, I turned to my husband and said, "It couldn't be that bad."  He was right.

Now we enter the pound.  As my daughter and I are viewing all of the sad, little puppies, my husband is informing them of what pet we would like.  I made the mistake of going down the pit bull aisle.  Not the smartest decision I've ever made, but hey, I drove 6 hrs to the pound.  That wasn't exactly smart either.  You'll understand in a minute. 

They give my husband the kennel number and we stand there thinking which of these dogs do they think is a Golden Doodle, because none of them are.  They must have the wrong kennel.  A kind man comes to help us find the right dog and, what do you know, he shows us the same dog we were just looking at.  It is in no way a Golden Doodle!  It is, maybe, one foot tall.  We say to the man, this is not a Golden Doodle.  He looks down and says, "Ya, that don't look like no Golden Doodle!"  Oh really.  I must add, we had called this pound at least 10 times about this particular dog and not one person informed us that even though the owner said it was a Golden Doodle, there's no way it actually was. 

We went back inside to tell the lady at the counter and she agreed that this was in no way a Golden Doodle.  What could we do?  We got in the car and drove back home.  We arrived at 2:30 am.  We will never be driving to a pound again unless it is within 1 hr.  Does anyone have a Golden Doodle they'd like to sell to me?

These kind of stories happen to me on a regular basis.  I have many, many, many stories that just don't happen to normal people.  This is nothing new.  I wasn't even mad because I'm used to it by now.  I should have known.  This all started when I married my husband.  It is him.  At least it makes life exciting, right?


  1. awwe, such a bummer!! Don't you just hate it when things like that happen?

  2. Is your husband cursed?
    You will get the right dog when the time is perfect it will find you and you will love it even more. I was a previous owner of a beautiful Poodle "Henry" sadly died of old age, I will never get another dog, his personality can never be replaced or equalled but if someone put me in a head lock and twisted my arm I would still get a poodle or a labradoodle or a spoodle. Poodles are the smartest cleanest dog in the world and Im sure your dog will find you soon, just hold tight and pray for exactly that. If it dosnt work out maybe you should think about replacing your husband.
    Only JOKING Im sure he is lovely to = )