Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My little boy came home from school the other day with this little doodad.  I really think this is the coolest thing!  These are Smencils and they are made from 100% recycled newspapers.  That's not even the only cool thing about them...they smell amazing!  My son brought home cinnamon and I tried to talk him into giving it to me, but no such luck.  He must realize how cool they are too.  When I went onto the website I realized they also make Smens.  You really should get some.  If you want some get them here.  Make a bet I'll be sporting one next time you see me with a writing utensil.


  1. Does Tommy know about these yet? I can just hear him say "Colin.. let me Smell them"

  2. lol. I am still laughing at the above comment! That is so funny to imagine! LOL! But yeah, everyday since they started selling these Brizden takes a dollar from his money jar or begs Eli to give him one because he wants to buy one! The funny thing is I asked Brizden what they were selling them for and he said to earn money for the vegerans in the war...Hmmm...A vegeran must be a Veteran that like to smell Smencils! But I must check out those pens!

  3. Yummm ... gonna have to check these out!!