Monday, September 13, 2010

Browsing Overstock

Sometimes I completely forget about And it's a tragedy, because there are truly some diamonds in the rough to be found! I browsed around a little bit this morning and came across a few things I wouldn't mind shipping home to myself (for only $2.95 for the whole order!)

This watch. I really need a new watch (READ: I need a watch, period.), and I like the look of the new white resin/ceramic bands. Are they too trendy? Oh well, I really like them anyway.

A white duvet cover. We are also in need of this. The one we currently use is the same one I had in high school. YIKES! I adore down comforters and white bedding. I love the feel of getting into a crisp bed with white sheets and covers. It feels so clean!

This lovely ottoman. Oh I would love to have this in my home somewhere.

A Flip Video. We actually already have one of these little beauties, but I absolutely love it. This accompanied us to Europe, and it was awesome. They are so convenient. Very light and small. They have a built in usb, so they easily just plug right into your computer when you are ready to download videos. No worrying about cables. EASIER than a camera. Love.
These boots. I love me a good pair of riding boots. But if we are being completely honest, and I always am, what I really want are some good old fashioned FRYE Boots.

Lastly, I am in the market for a shoe storage bench. This one would fit the bill! Who else out there constantly battles with missing shoes? I absolutely can't stand it when we are getting ready to walk out the door and one of the kids realizes their shoes are missing. Perhaps a shoe bench would make it more fun for the children to keep track of their foot wear.
It's always fun to "window shop" via the internet. In France I learned they call it "window licking", which I thought was funny. Where are some of your favorite online window shopping locations?


  1. love white, got it on my bed right now!

  2. I saw that watch at Buckle last week and drooled a little bit! :o)