Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pillow Fight!

What is my favorite time of the day?  Right when my head hits the pillow.  What makes it my favorite time?  That great pillow that's been waiting for me since I left it that morning.  Everyone has a pillow type.  My pillow...extra firm.  Don't give me that awful soft thing that leaves a big hole where your head rests.  That's not for me.

Nothing upsets me more than coming to my bed, hopping in, getting nice and cozy, only to realize that my nice, extra-firm, perfect pillow is missing.  I know who the culprit is.  This has been happening to me 5 out of 7 nights a week and it's been going on for a couple of months.  This is why I have bags under my eyes, in case you were wondering.  I can whoop this kid in a real pillow fight, but this new pillow fight has become a war!  I'm in this war with my 7 year old and I'm getting slaughtered. 

From the moment he discovered this pillow, it became his property, or so he thinks.  If you ask me, he's a little thief!  Whenever I so kindly ask for it back, or even when I demand it back, he cleverly says, "You can have the case!"  He knows this drives me mad.  That is when I respond with, "I don't want the stinkin' case!  I want the pillow inside the case!"  At this point you'd think he'd kindly hand it over, but he's not scared of me anymore.  When did that happen?  I then retreat back to my bedroom and decide to use whichever pillow is handy.   

So, what do I do?  Do I continue with this war, winning a battle every once in a while.  Or do I cry defeat and head to the nearest Linens n' Things to buy me a new Hollander, extra firm pillow?  I probably need a new pillow anyways.  It really is the best!


  1. You are hilarious. I personally LOVE my super soft, down pillow. And my super soft, pillow top mattress. Whenever I have to sleep on a hard bed with a hard pillow, I never get a good nights rest.

  2. lol. I would wait till he is asleep then swap the pillow out. A good pillow makes a good nights sleep.

  3. Whoop the kid good and send him to bed with no supper! lol j/k! I had just read this post
    before I came over to your blog. That's where that came from... :D