Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ikea love

I've been feeling the need to make an Ikea trip lately. I love that place. Everything about it makes me pretty happy. Here are some of the things I've had my eye on.

This side table. Thinking about getting a couple of these for my bedroom to serve as nightstands.
These also would make good nightstands, or even end tables. I love the extra storage the drawers provide! Perfect for remote controls and coasters!
Need another one of these little chairs for my baby whose high chair I just took down this week!
This could be a potential shoe organizer if I placed it horizontally. Insert some baskets and fill with shoes and socks, backpacks, swim gear and all that other stuff that would be nice to keep by the back door. We already have one of these in white in our toy room.
And this sideboard wants to come home with me. How delightful would this be repainted in a fun color. Yellow? Fire engine red? Add a little Anthro hardware and it would be a masterpiece!


  1. We need to go to Ikea! I have really been wanting to go. I have two of the black cubby things too! They also make a great closet organizer!

  2. I looked at all these fun things. The yellow table is shorter than it looks online.

  3. just stumbled across your blog from tatertots and jello! the sideboard table comes in yellow from Ikea!! I know because I WANTED IT SO BAD! and it was on clearance for $70 but i had no where to put it :( it still kills me to this day!

    here's what it looked like!! http://www.jba-design.se/news.php?id=8