Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flip Out

I never thought I'd be the "mom" who always had homemade bread on her counter at all times. Well, about 4 years ago a friend of mine taught me how to make my own bread from fresh wheat. This is the wheat you have to grind! Yes, my neighbor thought I was crazy when I gave her a loaf and she asked for the recipe. Needless to say, she's never even attempted the process. Anytime "wheat grinding" is brought up in conversation the mind immediately stops paying attention because that's just too much work. Well, let me just say, once you've tried this bread, you'll never buy that stuff from the store again! (nor will your husband ever let you bring store-bought bread home...ever.)

It had been a good few months since I had made bread due to a very strict diet and summer vacation so today I decided to do something productive. That's what I chose, until my minor freak out when the grinder decided to stop working. That was really bad news! Lucky for me, it just needed a bit of WD-40 and it's up a runnin' again. Phew!

I know this post sounds pointless, so I will leave you with some encouragement. If something ever seems too hard or even impossible, just try it. It's never as hard as it seems and it is usually worth the effort. Believe me, if this was difficult, I wouldn't be doing it. So, do me a favor and bake some bread. Even if it doesn't turn out, you're kitchen will smell good!


  1. I would love to post the recipe, but I need to get permission from Shannon over at Shannon Makes Stuff! Let me have a chat with her and I will post the recipe if she allows. If not, I can e-mail you the recipe directly Kristin!

  2. Lynsee-
    Go right ahead and post it!!! You make it way better than I do anyways! LOL!!!