Tuesday, August 31, 2010

buttton, button...who has the button?

It's no secret that I love buttons!  I wish I could tell you that I have an amazing button collection, but I can't.  I am always looking for great buttons at fabric stores and it's just not happening.  Thanks to the Internet I am able to browse countless buttons without dragging the kids to a store where they are not allowed to touch anything.  Which, to be honest, is impossible and gives me a migraine.  Even just thinking about it makes me want to lay down.

I am happy to say I found a great online button shop.   As Cute as a Button has some beautiful pieces that I hope to add to my teensy collection someday.  If anybody out there knows of a great button shop, please let me know because  I am definitely open to suggestions!


  1. Here are some vintage buttons I had my eye on a while back


  2. We need to go thrift shopping! They always have funky buttons that need a good home.