Wednesday, August 18, 2010

squeaky clean!

There is no better feeling than having a really clean home, in my opinion.  The problem... actually getting it that way.  Keeping a clean home has been quite an obstacle for me in the past.  BUT, I am creating a new me!  Since the children have returned back to school, I have become a bit obsessed with cleaning.   It's been very rewarding in more ways than one.  #1-I have a really clean house.  #2-cleaning for 3 hours straight is a great workout!  Especially when you have to mop 1000 square feet in an 80 degree house.  That can really work up a sweat!  Try it.

Anyway, when free time actually came around today I found this cool website on O Happy Day.  It's called Alice Supply Company and it's great!  Wouldn't you be much more likely to sweep if you could hold this retro broom in your hardworking hands?  I think I would...maybe?  I think their products are awesome, especially the plunger, but is it too cute to use?  I might actually leave it out if I could keep my little girl from playing with it.

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