Friday, August 20, 2010

Eeby Geeby's

What is this, you may ask!  This, my dear readers, is my new BEST friend!  I don't know why this is my best friend because every time I use it, it presents me with some REALLY bad news!  This has been my companion for the past two nights when I go hunting.  What am I hunting?  Scorpions!  Hate them...SO MUCH!  And this is why I want out of Arizona.

When my husband went out to the garage three nights ago and came back in with a look of terror on his face, I knew my personal nightmare had just come true...again!  Scorpion!  Only one foot away from the light switch.  Now that this has come about, I cannot stop thinking about these uninvited visitors.  Lucky for me my good friend, Shannon, from Shannon Makes Stuff, allowed me to borrow her Scorpion Master, which she bought from Lowes.

Some say they would rather not know what was lurking in the backyard.  Not I!  I will not stop until I've demolished them from my side of the fence.  I'm usually very afraid of the dark.  Walking around in my backyard in the dark is even worse.  (We once had our car stolen from our driveway, but that's a whole different story!)  I'm willing to put my fears aside and stop playing defense.  I am now on the offense!  Persistence is one of my strengths!  I guess I better go buy my own flashlight. 


  1. We have that same thing, exactly. Get a rubber mallet too. It has a big surface to smash with and won't do too much damage to anything. This was Ryan's fathers day gift.

  2. or you can get pest control! too bad we're not there anymore.