Thursday, April 22, 2010

If I could, I would

If I could do my wedding day all over again, it's no secret...I would! First things first, my dress. It wasn't bad, but it was a spur of the moment decision that should have been pondered over. I had searched and dreamed for months about my wedding day. Details, details! BUT, when he popped the question, none of those details seemed to matter anymore. I was such a laid back bride that it didn't even phase me when my photographer didn't show up. Crazy, I know! In hindsight, maybe my not caring was a blessing in disguise.

So, the first thing I would do if I were planning my wedding is copy, copy, copy! And who would I copy...Marth, Martha, Martha! Let's face it. The lady's a genius! Here are a few things I found while daydreaming about my never-going-to-happen wedding! I cannot bear to think about the dress, so instead I dream about my flowers. And cake, but come on, who isn't dreaming about cake? The first big future hubby would have been wearing a suit, not a tux. Nothing against a tux, I just LOVE suits! For Him...These beautiful boutonnieres. For those non-existent bridesmaids of mine: something like this. I don't necessarily love the flower, but I do love the idea.

And for me: this gorgeous bouquet. If I would have done this maybe my bouquet wouldn't have accidentally been left in the cooler to rot, but that's another story.

And the cake: okay, I might not have chosen this, but I still think it's absolutely beautiful! Obviously, I would have color coordinated everything. So keep dreamin' ladies! What would you change about your wedding day? And please, don't say your husband! That's probably the one thing I wouldn't change!


  1. I have to agree that Martha does do a great wedding. I'd change venue and food. Oh and I'd also not invite 600 people that I didn't know well.

  2. I honestly wouldn't change much except the material of my dress. I found a picture of a dress with matte satin and I loved it, but I couldn't find the fabric anywhere. I ended up buying a shiny satin. After I got married, it only took a couple of months for the regular fabric stores to be flooded with the stuff I wanted. It was a little disappointing.

    Before my wedding, I remember buying a Martha magazine to get inspiration - even a hundred years ago, she was a master at weddings!

    I think you need to be a wedding planner - that way you can plan your dream wedding with other people's money!!

  3. Hmmm. So now I am curious as to which of you gals posted wedding photographer... I think I would have peed my pants!!!

    I was a laid back bride myself. I pretty much gave my mom the reigns. Which being the first daughter to get married, and having a wedding that her mom planned entirely, LOVED it. I let me daddy shoot my engagements, which turned out as such, but the memories shooting them is what I hold onto. I didn't get to do my hair for my temple pictures... Which are horrendeous to look at but I have memories of the night before hanging out way to late the last night of being single. My best friend in the world was my bride maid, and it was soo fun to be able to hang out with her through the experience. I LOVED having my reception the night before my wedding. Totally would do that again. I did my cake and all my flowers. Which I LOVE. And I LVOE my dress, but can't fit in it if I tried...

    So...the only thing I would change is...I wish I would have done my hair for the temple pictures and ceremony. And I Wish my husbands family would have been more supportive and would have come even if they couldn't go inside the temple.

    And...I would have stuck with my guns and just done the second gathering in the other state as an OPEN HOUSE and not a second reception.

    But all in all. I don't think I would change anything...except my husband... One that is finished with school sounds nice...LOL...

    No, I really don't think I would even change that!!!

  4. And that my friends. Is the world largest comment...