Friday, April 23, 2010


I love The Old Spaghetti Factory. Can we just talk about this for a second? We recently went there for Andy's birthday, and I was pleasantly reminded about all the reasons for my obsession. First of all, it's so inexpensive! Where else can you get bread, a salad, a main course, a drink and ice cream for ten bucks? Second, mizithra cheese. Need more explanation? Third, the fun decor and layout of the restaurant. There are all sorts of old chairs and couches used as seating, and though there are tables out in the open, many are tucked away in little "rooms" and corners. Maybe it's because we have lots of little kids, but we are always seated in one of these rooms and it's fantastic! The kids can get up and down and be loud without bothering anyone. Fourth, to piggyback off the last reason, this place is so kid friendly. You get a coloring book, crayons, a bib and crackers for the kids upon seating. They serve the food on kid plates, and the drink cups are plastic, with lids, and free to take home. We have a huge collection of kid cups from here. They have no problem splitting a meal between kids and have often times given us extra cups of applesauce and drinks. Fifth, the Italian cream sodas. I love them. So delicious. PLUS, they come in a souvenir glass. I probably have about ten in my cupboard. Since most of our wedding glasses have broken, we now use these as our everyday drink ware. Sixth, eating at the Spaghetti Factory usually means we are having lunch with dad, which we love doing.

Do any of you love the Spag Fac? Or do you have little restaurants that you just adore? Have I convinced you to go eat there right now? Call me, I'll go with you!

♥ Heidi


  1. Heidi-
    That is too funny. I DESPISE that place. I don't like it one bit. But I have TWO sisters and ONE brother in law who have worked there for years, and they swear by it. So I think you either LVOE them or you hate them... My favorite would be...Olive Garden. I have the same little obsessions with it that you do..but It's not the fact that is where I met Eli. I swear. I LVOE their food, the atmosphere...everything... But if you want to go eat at the spaghetti factory I will go anyways!!!!!

  2. Now that is too funny, because I HATE Olive Garden. Oh Shannon, what shall we do with ourselves?

  3. I think the Dad-lunch-date-special is good no matter where. But we like to go to a place called The Original Burrito Company. Looks like a total hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Good food though and a lovely covered patio that makes me feel like I'm really in Mexico. We should go sometime. Piggy back it with a trip to IKEA.

  4. My favorite restaurant ever! Its a big thing with my side of the family...we go there for like every birthday. I'm so glad someone loves it as much as I do!