Monday, April 26, 2010

Beach Cruiser

Oh be still my heart. I love this pretty little bike. A simple little beach cruiser for me to leisurely ride around the neighborhood with my family. (And to dream about riding along the pier in New England where I am totally going to live one day!) It's totally not hard core, but then again, I am not hard core. Except when we are dealing with chocolate, then I totally am.

They have some similar options at Costco. This one is the color I like, but not exactly a beach cruiser. All those gears...that's getting more technical than I want. You see, I am all for leisure; there will be no intense hill climbing with this bike.This one is more my style, but I don't totally love the color.Hmmm. What do you think?

Love, Heidi


  1. look at Erika's blog she has a schwinn that is awesome! she got it for Valentine's

  2. The gear system on this cruiser is the Shimano internal3-speed California Bikes.
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  3. California Bikes This cruiser also has a forward pedaling desigen, meaning the pedals are shifted four inches forward to allow for better leg extension and more open and comfortable seating postiion.
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