Thursday, November 3, 2011

For my Mom

My cute mom has been waiting patiently to see pictures of the children from Halloween.  My regular camera battery was dead (of course), so all I have are phone pictures. 

This year, we had a Robin:

A Super Mario:

And a Rapunzel:

All of them had very specific ideas about what they wanted to be.  There was no hope for coordinating costumes.  They loved them though.  Super Mario ended up being the most commented on costume of the evening.  I heard at least 10 people say, "Look, it's Mario!"  They had a lot of fun trick or treating to all the non-scary homes.  A lot of people in our neighborhood create haunted houses.  Cool for the older kids, but terrifying for mine.  After an hour of canvassing the neighborhood, we have enough candy to last for DAYS. 

Finally, the classic group shot.  This is what I get when I asked the kids to pose like their character.  Still figuring out how 7 fingers represents Rapunzel. 

How was your Halloween??


  1. I love the pictures thanks Heidi for posting them for your dad and I

  2. They each look just like the character- you did a great job! I know I've told you too many times, but you have the most beautiful, sweet kids. (Sorry that it won't let me sign in.) -Janvier

  3. I feel like you did this post for me too. My kids LOVE seeing their cousins. The added tummy for Mario and the stance Tommy took for his Robin character are awesome. Sweet Rapunzel is such a doll. So glad you had a great evening, busy busy day, but a great evening!

  4. How many years was she locked in the tower?

    I love the costumes. We have enough candy to last for WEEKS. Oh boy.