Monday, October 24, 2011

The week my brain stopped working

One day I will laugh about the weekend that I caused myself and four friends to completely miss the Taylor Swift concert.  I think that day will come in a couple years, probably after I've actually been able to attend one of her shows.

Let me explain my complete and utter brain lapse in more detail.  First of all, please note that I consider myself to be a fairly responsible person.  I make mistakes just like everyone else, but for the most part I'd like to think I normally know what's happening in my life.  That is what makes this occurrence all the more frustrating to me.  Last APRIL, when we discovered that Taylor Swift was coming to our area, we (myself and 3 friends), got excited and decided that we would all go together.  We figured out how to purchase tickets in the presale, which we did. 

Lapse forward 6 months.  We are all getting excited for the big night out.  I check online to see when our concert date is so that I can let everyone know.  Completely positive of myself, I let everyone know that Saturday is the date of our extravaganza.  The week goes on.  We plan for our concert on Saturday.  Friday night we enjoyed an evening with friends.  Saturday is busy.  At 4pm I head to the computer to print out the tickets.  There is a problem with my order, Ticketmaseter tells me.  I contact them on the phone.

"Hi, my tickets aren't printing and there is a message that says I need to call you."
"Okay  I can help you with that."

I provide my order number, she looks them up and says, "Check the event date."

Epic FAIL!  Friday???  How can this be?  I have no idea AT ALL how I completely messed up the dates.  I was literally positive that the concert was on Saturday.  It's such a dumb and stupid mistake that it kills me every time I think about it. The worst part was calling all three girls to tell them we had missed the concert.  I obviously felt like a complete dork.  Luckily, I have the best friends on the planet.  Though I am sure they were all disappointed, not one of them let it show.  They were all so great and understanding of my error.  Even though there was no way I could make up to them the missed experience.  (Luckily we know she will tour again!)

Hopefully this will make someone out there who has done something equally crazy feel better.  Am I the only mega dork out there??



  1. So sorry you missed it and no you are not a "mega dork"! It happens to the best of us! :)

  2. My heart literally hurts for you. I'm glad your friends were understanding - how could they not be? Honest mistakes are so much easier to forgive than intentional ones.

  3. Heidi -

    I've done this before too! you are not a mega dork! PS - I've enjoyed reading your blog! :-) Cousin Jen

  4. Ok this made me laugh!