Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello, again.

It's been awhile!  Forgive me for abadoning the blog all summer.  So many ideas, and so little time.  Now that school has started and schedules are beginning to form again, I am back!  And am here to stay. 

My adorable sister in law got married about a week and a half ago.  The wedding was AMAZING.  There was hapiness bursting at every seam.  It was great.  The reception was amazing as well.  The flowers were to die for.  More pictures of all of that to come. 

The wedding colors were various shades of green.  I was able to assist with some of the decoration creation.  One of the things I made was a pennant garland for the tent at the reception.  I wanted to share a little tip (which I actually learned from Lynsee), for creating a quick and easy pennant garland using paper and ribbon.

First, start with some gorgeous paper:

Cut the paper into triangles.  

Then, use your sewing machine and sew the triangles onto a piece of ribbon!  I love the sewing idea, because it's so sturdy, and the stitch line is so cute.  I used white ribbon and white thread, but green thread would have been a cute added touch.  Of course I have no picture of the finished product (it was a crazy week), but I do have this picture below where you can sort of see the garland hanging in the tent above us.

(This picture is me with my mom, my son (left), my nephew (right) and my other son in the background looking at some of those amazing flowers!)
Still can't believe I didn't get a picture.  But trust me, if you are making a pennant garland from paper -- sew it together with ribbon!  So much easier, faster and prettier!

More green wedding stuff to come!

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