Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On Wednesday, February 2nd, Laurie, my cousin's wife, was told that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We were relieved to learn that there was a great chance that Laurie would be cured from this type of Lymphoma.  Although it was a relief that it wasn’t another, more deadly type of lymphoma, we knew that this wouldn’t make the chemotherapy treatment any easier.

After finishing her 2nd treatment of chemotherapy Laurie's hair had begun to fall out and she decided it was time.  After watching this video I was inspired by Laurie's strength and courage.  The act of shaving off all of your hair is simple, but the emotional courage it takes to actually do it is another story.  I was amazed at how composed she remains and realized that this is a great example of who Laurie is.  She is strong and she will beat this!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you Laurie.  If you would like to follow and support Laurie through this journey you can visit her blog at:

Her friends and family will be holding a fundraiser for Laurie on April 16 at 7:30 p.m. (until who knows when) at the Kaysville Sportsplex.  There will be a carnival with auction items and basketball contests.  They will be asking for a donation at the door and everything will be included in the cost, i.e. carnival events and food.  If you are in the Salt Lake area and can make it to this event it should be a lot of fun and supports a great cause.  If you have any further questions just leave a comment and I will answer as soon as possible.


  1. of course i am balling with snot running down my face...thanks guys

  2. Totally hard to watch and impossible to shut off. She shows a great attitude and so much courage, thanks for sharing!