Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Wonder Years

Do you ever wonder why kids these days are so obnoxious?  I looked up the word obnoxious, to make sure I spelled it right, and the definition said, "Extremely unpleasant".  I found that quite funny.  Anyways, if the previous question has ever popped into your mind, I have the answer.  Have you ever watched the Disney Channel?  Even for 5 minutes?  It's not so much the cartoons on Disney, but it's those really annoying tween shows.  You have to know what I'm talking about.  Our children are watching these crazy, annoying teenagers and they think they're funny, so... they begin to mimic them. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about my favorite show growing up, "The Wonder Years".  Let's compare this show to any of the previous mentioned shows.  Winnie Cooper- extremely classy, reserved, collected, calm, modest and humble.  Hannah Montana-OBNOXIOUS, loud, rude and sneaky.  Why did they have to end The Wonder Years?  They grew up, I know, but who doesn't love The Wonder Years?  Kevin could have had children!  So could Winnie!  I would watch reruns if they were on.  Here is a comment made on this website about the show and I agree 100%!

"I have never had so much fun watching TV before or after "The wonder years". Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper were my friends and I could not possible imagine life without them. So many years after the show ended when I saw Kevin Arnold's pic in one of my friends computer screen NOSTALGIA did HURT. I mean it brought back memories of the yesteryears. It was very easy to relate to everything that Kevin was going through although I was from another world in India. His love interest the cute Winnie Cooper made it all the more interesting. Loved his best friend, though he did look like a nerd. I specially remembered a scene when Kevin kissed Winnie in the beach. Saying this might sound like saying a lot but it is just the truth. Sometimes the show seemed to me more important the books that I studied in school. A tutorial. It will always be close to my heart and fondly remembered. I can assume its like this for many of us around the world. Miss you Kevin."


I really want to start a petition:  Bring back The Wonder Years!  Who's with me?


  1. Not sure where you live, but they show reruns daily on the HUB channel. I was so excited and set my DVR to record all of them - this is my favorite show of ALL time and was something my whole family watched together and enjoyed. Yeah, they definitely don't make shows like this anymore!

  2. we were just talking about this today...but we were referring to all the stupid cartoons!!! They are so lame... where is the glow worms? smurfs? Big Al...etc...

  3. I totally agree!! My younger sisters all watch those Disney shows that are now on, and I can't stand to even watch 2 minutes of them. Who from Disney decided to go in that direction? I can't stand them!

  4. I LOVE the wonder years ... I completely agree!

  5. i gave you guys the stylish blogger award

  6. I agree watching the tween shows on disney right now drives me insane. Though I do remember my parents going insane from me watching Saved by the Bell, 21 Jump Street or Wonder Years for the upteen time in one day. And really who didn't love Winnie and Kevin!

  7. No wonder you used to always call me Winnie Cooper :)

    How are you? LOVE your blog!

    Jessica (Barnes)