Saturday, February 26, 2011


Life has been crazy, busy for me lately!  What has made life so busy, well one reason is Dr. appointments.  I'm so done with Dr. appointments.  Not really, I still have one Dr. appointment next week and 3 dental appointments for the kids.  It better be over for a long, long time after that!  The first incident was my 5 year old.  To make a long story short, my husband thought he was awake and sat him up on the couch in the middle of the night.  Well, he wasn't awake and he fell forward resulting in this.  The coffee table was harder than his head.  This resulted in an E.R. visit and one Dr. visit.

Three, short days later, this is the 2nd incident that took place.  Football practice, enough said.  The finger is not broken, but just really screwed up.  This resulted in 5 appointments, many, many phone calls and one appointment still in the works.  Boys! 

And this big, puppy is the cause of the many curse words that have slipped out of my mouth in the past 2 days.  I know, he is quite adorable, but he's a handful.  I'm sure my neighbors are wondering what is going on at my house when they hear me screaming at somebody named Dexter.  The somebody is a Goldendoodle who is 8 months old, 40lbs and quicker than me!  That is why I yell.  I cannot catch him.  Believe me, I've tried.  He really is a pretty good dog he just has no idea how to play or deal with strangers.  He has ripped 3 shirts, 2 of which were today, thinking he is "playing". 

This was the first mess he caused.  He ripped apart 2 skeins of yarn and when I'd try to pick it up and throw it away he always managed to grab a hold of a piece of it and make an even bigger mess.  There is one big, huge plus, he's potty trained and hasn't had any accidents in the house.  Phew!  Hopefully things will calm down around here sooner or later.  I'd prefer sooner, but you never know!

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  1. Life can just get so crazy sometimes! We also have a dog, who we love, but will be the death of me! Funny that you mention it actually, because I was making the rose wreath featured a while back (love it!), and I had 40 or so rosettes made, that is until the dog got ahold of them! I could have screamed (ok, maybe i did!). Dogs, love them, but geez oh peet can they cause a ruckus :) I pray your week gets better!!!