Monday, December 13, 2010

Cowboy Boots for Kids

Thoughts of cowboy boots have been filling my head lately.  My kids randomly have been asking me to get them some, and just today at their preschool, three little boys were wearing them!  This last weekend I began a search for some.  I thought I could just walk into Payless and pick up a few pairs -- wrong.  Not only are they sold out at Payless -- they are sold out of cowboys boots everywhere!  Walmart, Target, KMart, Shopko, Famous Footwear (clearly I am not in the market for "real" cowboy boots -- just some cute cheap ones the boys can race around in.)  Today I was telling my mom about my predicament, and after a quick internet search, she pointed me to Sheplers.  This fun little store seems to me to be fairly authentic in the Western wear department.  They carry an enormous selection of adult and childrens cowboy boots.  They have light up boots, pink boots, fringed boots, snakeskin boots -- you name it!  I really loved this real leather pair --( for only $36.99!!!), but since my boys are only 4, I couldn't sell my husband on the real deal.  So, I went with these.  I only spent around $60ish (shipping and tax included) for two pairs, and I think my kids are going to go bonkers over them.  I'm excited.  So, if you are running around town looking for cowboy boots, look no more and head on over to Sheplers!
 The ones I got.
The super cute authentic leather pair.


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  2. I had my eye on a pair made by Old Gringo on Boot Barn. Unfortunately they were $250 and I just couldn't justify spending that much on myself on a pair I had never tried on, even if I was pretty sure I would wear them a lot! Cowboy boots are EXPENSIVE! I bought my first pair when I was 19 and 6 years later am still wearing them!

  3. Your boys will look awesome in them. Our friends in GA got some John Deere boots for their boys and its nice for their rmom since boots just slip right on! NO help needed.

  4. Thanks. My kids can also look and feel like cowboys with these boots.

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