Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tis the season...for cornbread!

It is really the season for chili and cornbread.  Last week alone, I ate chili and cornbread 3 times.  Yes, 3 times.  I think I'm going to take a break for a bit.  Even though cornbread is banned at my house for at least one more week, I really do love the stuff!  My husbands favorite thing in the world is corn bread cereal.  It should really be called mush!  I'm not sure I should share this information because it makes me want to puke, to be honest.  He takes a huge chunk of cornbread, sticks it in a really big cup and dumps milk into the cup until the cornbread is enveloped in milk.  He then takes his spoon and mushes it all together.  Appetizing, right?

To make this concoction even better I have found the greatest cornbread recipe on Allrecipes.  If I haven't said it before, and I'm sure I have, I love Allrecipes.  It is definitely my go to for any and all recipes.  You must go there!  It's so much fun.  Due to copyright, I will not be posting the actual recipe.  So here is the great recipe, but please go searching for some more yummy things to make from Allrecipes! 

Also, the perfect accompaniment to this cornbread...Heidi's award-winning, Chicken Chili!  Maybe she'll post the recipe, just maybe.


  1. It is very, very southern to put cornbread in buttermilk. If you think it's nasty to put cornbread in sweet milk, just think about it in buttermilk. It makes my skin crawl a little.

  2. I love chili and I love cornbread, but we eat chili with ham and beans and saltines crackers with chili. Funny how people's traditions are different. I don't think I'll be trying cornbread mush any time soon, though! LOL