Wednesday, October 13, 2010


One word...Pandora! I really do love it. Each night while tucking in my baby girl, I play her a few tunes from one of my many Pandora radio stations. All of this is done from my smart phone. Amazing, I tell you! If you don't have a Pandora account, get one! Movie quote trivia!!...Heidi, minus "Pandora account", what movie is that last line from? Let's see if she can get it! Hopefully I quoted it right.

Anyway, while listening to tunes this sweet little song popped up and I fell in love with it. It's titled, "The Show" and the artist is Lenka. See what Pandora can introduce us too? Thank you Pandora! Go listen to the song! It's cute and catchy.

I would put the youtube box thingy on this post, but I really have no idea how to do that. I leave the technical stuff to Heidi! Heidi, can you do a tutorial on that?



  1. I love that song! :)
    it was the free song of the week on i tunes maybe a year ago? I'm not quite sure!
    Anyways,haven't got into the pandora craze, maybe i'll try it :)

  2. Oh no, I don't know the movie quote! I am so bad at movie quotes, and my husband's family LOVES them. Another hint?

    Also, LYNSEE, you have to tell us some of your favorite radio stations.

    I attached the video. Love it!

  3. I love this song too! It is totally one of my faves. The first time I heard this song was in the movie Juno.