Monday, July 12, 2010

Spray Paint Love

Inspired by the ever so sweet, ever so beautiful, Becky Higgins, I decided to attack some of the items in my home with spray paint. Spray paint really is such an inexpensive and simple way to give new life to something. I have this metal bowl that I recently decided to use as a fruit bowl. The texture and design of the bowl are awesome -- the color was just a little drab. Enter spray paint. On a whim, I took this piece out back and sprayed it with Rustoleum Heirloom White (a really pretty off white color.) In about 5 minutes I was finished, and I left it to dry. After it was completely dry (I am impatient, so I only could force myself to wait about 5 hours...I'm pretty sure the spray paint can would tell me to wait longer), I brought it inside, and using a little piece of sandpaper, I "roughed it up". Sanding spray painted objects is a wonderful technique that really adds interest and dimension. The sanding accented the nice texture the bowl already had. It's like a whole new decoration now! And I love it! So simple, so fast. Hmmm, what to paint next?



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