Friday, June 4, 2010

Soft Scrub!!!

Last night as I was trying to clean my stainless steel, which I despise, I decided to try my Soft Scrub.  Lets be honest here!  I really didn't want to walk upstairs to fetch my ordinary cleaner that I had used on my bathrooms.  I'm just lazy!  Boy am I glad I was lazy, just this once!  If you have never tried Soft Scrub on your stainless, it works wonders!  I was amazed.  It left no streaks and it shined everything right up.  I didn't even have to do a wipe down immediately following the cleanse.  I was VERY impressed!  If you have never tried this product before, try it!  It even cleaned my dishwasher, which has NEVER been clean.  It has always had these water stains that have been present, even since it came out of the package.  Not anymore.  Spic and span!!


  1. Hey guys! i miss ya. I just saw that you are sponsers on UCreat! That is awesome.

  2. I use Zep on all my stainless steal kitchen appliances and its amazing. Get it at Home Depot :)