Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Summer is here, and so marks the season of strawberry freezer jam in my house! I absolutely LOVE this stuff. We like to put it on everything from waffles and pancakes to sandwiches and crackers. Sometimes we even eat it by the spoon. Don't judge me. But seriously, after you try this you will never go back to Smuckers. Not only because it's so easy to make, but also because it is so delicious. Dare I say it's like the nectar of life?

Strawberry Freezer Jam
This amazing recipe is from Chrystalyn Trimble...she is a master in the kitchen and my hero.

5 cups of strawberries (pulse them in your food processor until you reach your desired consistency)
2 cups of sugar
1/2 cup of corn syrup
1/4 cup of Clear Jel (I get mine from Walton Feed, but I hear you can also find it at gourmet food stores, or at a Bosch store)

Stir together the strawberries and the corn syrup. Mix together in a separate bowl the sugar and Clear Jel -- this is important! The Clear Jel will clump if you add it by itself. Slowly pour, while stirring at the same time, the sugar/Clear Jel mixture into the strawberries. Let it stand for about 10 minutes. Check the consistency -- if it's too thin for your taste, add another teaspoon of Clear Jel (again, add it slowly while stirring to avoid clumping.) The consistency is affected by how smooth you process your strawberries. I always add the extra teaspoon of Clear Jel.

Pour into Mason Jars or plastic containers and store in freezer. I always keep a large tub in my fridge right off the bat because we go through it so fast! I like to get my strawberries from Costco when they go on sale for 4.99 for four pounds (this is just about enough to get the five cups needed for this recipe.) Strawberry is our favorite, but you can experiment and mix lots of different berries to your liking.


{Image via This Week for Dinner}

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