Friday, May 7, 2010

A Pretty Poppy

I think my "I can make that myself" phase began a year or so ago when a couple of us girls got together to make hair bows for our daughters. We sat in a living room and made bows till our fingers hurt. It was so fun. Prior to that experience, I had enjoyed sewing and quilting. But the bows...well that just brought out a whole new crafty side to me. Since then I have transformed into an aspiring crafter. I don't feel like I can truly call myself a real crafter since I don't actually complete many of the crafts I endeavor to begin. But I love to be inspired, and when I actually have the time, I love to create things.

The other night while watching the remaining few minutes of the Suns game, (be still my heart, I love the Suns (READ: STEVE NASH) so much, I threw together this ridiculously easy poppy pretty. (If you remember, around here we refer to hair accessories as 'pretties', coined by Ms. Lynsee herself.) I loved it, and wore it the next day, when I happened to be going to lunch with a bunch of mothers. One actually liked it so much that I took it out of my hair and gave it to her. So, this afternoon while my house is insanely messy, but also insanely quiet, I made another one, this time complete with a tutorial. Enjoy!

A scrap of red felt
Black thread
Little black beads
A clip or headband (or both!)

Step one: Cut out three slightly imperfect circles, each one smaller than the other.
Step two: Layer them.
Step three: Sew on some little black beads. However many you choose. I doubled my thread and sewed each bead three times. (I have a little terror, I mean, toddler. Good thing she's a little sweet pea.)
Step four: Cut out a little tab to sew on the back over the not so pretty stuff.
Step five: Sew on.

Step six: Squish, to give some character.
Step seven: Slide on over a clip or headband.
5-10 minutes later, you are all set with a fun and cute accessory! {Tutorials posted for personal use only, not for resale. Thank you.}

1 comment:

  1. Wow. I think even I could make that. The step by step process helps me visualize making a "pretty"
    You look good & of course you took the one off of your own head & gave it away. You are too kind.