Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh my goodness, I am so excited! Yesterday while killing some time at Joann's, I ran across this pretty little book. I enjoy quilting. For awhile now, I have wanted to sew a quilt for my daughter's 'big girl bed' (she's not at that point yet, but will be soon!) I have thrown around a bunch of ideas, a wedding ring quilt being one of them. I really wanted it to be old fashioned looking, so I had always just planned on using 1930s or 1940s fabric on a modern pattern. Enter this book. How much better would it be to use the vintage material on a vintage pattern! I love pretty much every pattern in the book, but my oh my, that wedding ring is quilt calling my name. It looks pretty intense, but in small doses, I know I could get it done! I am giddy! (Lynsee has the quilting bug too! She's making a daisy chain quilt for her daughter!)


  1. You two are in sane...NO THANK YOU...on the quilting! You can make one for me though! LOL! They are beautiful!

  2. the thought of cutting out all those peices of fabric and sewing, and stopping and sewing makes me want to dig out my eyeballs with a rusty fish gutting knife. i am with shannon, i will leave that kind of sewing to you beautiful girls. i couldn't be more proud of Allisandrias quilt you made her. i will take a picture of it and send it to you so you can post it on your blog. love you guys. I really look forward to reading your blog everyday to see what your cute little brains are up to. Love ya!