Monday, May 24, 2010

Antique Hardware

One of my favorite things to do when I go to Anthropologie is stop by the hardware bins and oogle over the beautiful drawer pulls and door knobs. I adore hardware. I have a couple things in this house...a few pretty hooks in my daughter's room and knobs sort of like these on my bedroom furniture:
But how fun would it be to open your drawers with something like this:
Or this? (I think these for sure would go great in my daughter's room).

I could browse for hours. The other day I stumbled upon this great little website: House of Antique Hardware. This got me day dreaming about my dream house, and how I would love to have many of these interesting accessories integrated in the plans. {My dream house is either white or yellow wood with a big wrap around porch complete with Adirondack chairs. It will definitely sit on a grassy hilly area with other houses a distance away. There won't be fenced in backyards. I won't even get into the details of the inside, because this is a post about hardware (but just know that in my dreams, it's pretty incredible!) }
Definitely, some crystal knobs of some sort:
And a few of these little beauties:
And let's not forget the hand turn door bell!
Or the gas wall sconces like this one (with a different finish and shade).

This dream home will be mine once I find the bag of money sitting on the corner with my name on it. Or when it rains money.


  1. That is the website I am ordering Noelle's drawer pulls from, mostly because I can't afford Anthropologie's. Love it.


    check out that site! This & That. You will love the quilts she does!!