Friday, April 30, 2010

Weighty matters!

I need some help! I am really wanting to purchase a good kitchen scale, because, let's face it, I'm a perfectionist. I like to be VERY accurate when it comes to following a recipe, especially when making my cookies! So...I'm indecisive and, as stated before, I need some help! It's between two scales right now so I will post the pros and cons of each and I want you to help me decide. The top scale:

Escali Primo Digital Scale

*5 year warranty
*many different colors
*very inexpensive
*weighs in decimals
*very accurate
*very good reviews

*only reads in decimals and not fractions
*cannot remove plate to clean
*has a hard time weighing in 1 gram increments

Number two:

Oxo Good Grip Food Scale

*highest reviews
*removable tray for cleaning
*pull out display for easier reading
*weighs in fractions
*stainless steel
*very accurate

*only weighs in fractions, no decimals
*more expensive

It would be obvious for me to purchase the Oxo, but I really, really want decimals. I also, really, really want fractions. Why, oh why, can they not put both on the Oxo? Does anybody have any solutions?!!


  1. Polder has one that is a little more expensive that I think does both - but if you are choosing between these two, I'd go with the OXO - they are consistently better at kitchen gadgets.